GPA Gold and Silver Mirri Boards

When it comes to reflective papers engineered to impress look no further than Mirri

Manufactured using an exceptionally high quality film, the brightness of the metalized surface provides a mirror finish which is further enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board to which it is laminated. With the metalized surface protected by a polyester film, this construction has a high surface energy that offers an excellent key for inks and adhesives.

MirriBoard’s bright, glossy finish lets you print short-run metallic effects with added dimension and value – without using special inks. You can print this stock with white ink to achieve a foil-stamped appearance and for extra special effects.

MirriBoards are perfect for creating exceptional packaging, tags, invitations, greeting cards, promotions, menus, business cards and more.

GPA Gold & Silver MirriBoard available weights and sizes

gpa gold and silver mirri boards paper digital sizes
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