Transform any surface into a removable chalkboard

ChalkMark excels for reusable signage solutions that communicates a natural, personal touch. It’s perfect for promotion graphics, menu boards, POP graphics and decorations for bedroom walls. ChalkMark™ vinyl works with *standard chalk, soft chalk, and liquid chalk markers.

ChalkMark uses a high performance removable adhesive with exceptional bond. It will remove cleanly from smooth painted drywall and most surfaces for up to 1 year (under normal conditions). ChalkMark is not designed for coated/sealed/treated stainless, brass or bronze surfaces.

*Please note that standard chalks vary and some may mar or scratch the vinyl surface due to their hardness and density, as well as the amount of pressure applied.

We recommend you test a small section of the film first. Soft chalk and Liquid Chalk Markers are ideal for this type of surface and will clean up with water and a damp cloth. We do NOT recommend abrasive cleaners or strong chemicals as it will degrade the vinyl surface.

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