Huge Paper Introduces Touch Class Specialty Fine Papers

Huge Paper is proud to announce the addition of GPA’s Touch Class Specialty Fine Papers to their offering. As their name implies, this collection is meant to be experienced through touch; with a rich tactile feel and a special surface treatment. Touch Class papers are the first range of uncoated papers and boards in the world ensuring resistance to fingerprints, stains, varnishes, solvents, oils and water as an ideal support for the digital coating and enhancement (Scodix® technology and similar). These papers were originally introduced to the European market by Fedrigoni.

The special “Touch Class®” treatment ensures perfect and dramatic printing results with digital varnishes and foils, that other uncoated papers – even treated with primers – cannot match. The natural finishing of the paper and other surface features such as printability and brightness are completely unaffected, while enhancement performance is similar to that of coated or laminated papers, making this product truly one-of-a-kind. Their sophisticated appearance and superior performance make Touch Class papers ideal for everything from restaurant menus and museum maps, to wedding save-the-dates, family photo cards, birth announcements, and more.

These papers can be transformed through a variety of finishing processes, including letterpress, folding, scoring, gluing, die cutting, embossing, and debossing. For truly dramatic results, these sheets can also be enhanced with foils or dimensional embellishments. Thanks to their unique surface treatment, these are the first uncoated papers in the world that perform beautifully with post-press embellishments produced by Scodix and MGI technologies.

Customers can choose from two different versions:

  • Nature Touch Class Cover offers a smooth finish and creamy, natural white shade.
  • Tintoretto Touch Class Cover is a white sheet with a felt texture on both sides.

GPA’s Touch Class Papers offer many advantages that printers and their clients will appreciate. Their proven press performance and superior printability give users added confidence that every piece will look its best. Designed for the versatility of today’s pressroom and finishing technologies, this collection is compatible with HP Indigo, dry toner, and offset presses. Because they are acid-free with archival properties, these papers provide added assurance that they are made from responsible sources and will look beautiful for years to come. The perfect marriage of beauty and performance, Touch Class Papers are GPA’s latest solution for greater creativity and innovation.

For more information or to request samples, contact Huge at 416.491.8111.

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Touch Class Papers available weights and sizes

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