What are some of the newest print trends to emerge?

It’s all about White Dry Ink. More specifically, it’s about throughput efficiency and cost. New Xerox iGen5 White Dry Ink (yes, I said “ink” – not toner) boasts that ONE hit of Xerox white is equivalent to FOUR hits of HP white. Further, Xerox claims that two hits of Xerox equals up to TWELVE hits of HP. Think about that in terms of throughput time and press efficiency and you can see where this Print / Cola war is going.

Expect that the big guys will ramp up their communications and claims in this area, and certainly not our place to enter the debate. But know that Xerox is dead serious about leveraging applications and helping partners in markets where white ink is key – and to be clear this is a definite Huge opportunity. And Xerox “ink” – yes, Xerox marketing now calls toner “dry ink” for production presses. The intent is to draw the comparison to HP technology, and differentiating copy toner providers (Canon, KM, Ricoh) and production print providers (Xerox and HP).

White Ink is perfect for crystal clear window graphics, dynamic pearl midnight blue POP graphics, invitations that stand out, and much more.