Packaging is the face of a brand at the retail level, and studies suggest that up to one third of consumer purchasing decisions are based on packaging. To provide marketers and brand owners with more opportunities for creating impactful packaging with added environmental benefits, Huge announces the addition of GPA Ultra Digital® and Ultra Print™ 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Boards to their collection of unique substrates.

The organic brown appearance of these 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Boards makes a bold statement at a glance, lending a natural, healthy, rugged or vintage appearance to products. These boards meet FDA requirements for food contact packaging, making them perfect for cereal boxes, frozen food packages, and a variety of other appetizing containers. They are also popular for packaging for beauty products, candles, vitamins, hardware, electronics and automotive parts. In addition to packaging, these boards are used for applications including product tags, business cards, signage, menus, folders and more.

These boards are the cost-effective, eco-conscious alternative to virgin packaging boards. Since they are lightweight yet strong, they offer durability without added weight. They are compatible with the most popular finishing processes, including scoring, folding, gluing, embossing, debossing, die cutting, and more for maximum application versatility. They have a smooth surface that is printable on both sides, allowing customization on every square inch of the brand or message.

Whether using HP Indigo or toner digital press technology, Ultra Digital® and Ultra Print™ 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Boards are stocked and readily available in 18 and 24 pt. calipers, in 19” x 13” and 20.5” x 29.5” sizes that will perform flawlessly on press. For upcoming packaging projects, a better board is now available with Ultra Digital® and Ultra Print™ 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Boards.

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GPA Brown Kraft Boards available weights and sizes

GPA Packaging Boards Uncoated Fine Papers - Digital Sizes