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Have you considered using synthetics for menus, inserts, tent cards and signage?

Menu and beverage synthetic substrates offer added strength and durability over standard paper products. They provide an extremely tough, tear-resistant printable surface that holds up to the toughest customers. They won’t tear, wear or scuff and resist folds and looking dog-eared over time. Your menus will look better for longer resulting in an extended shelf life and a reduction in costs for reprints and lamination.

Synthetic papers also have the added benefit of being moisture resistant and weather-proof. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, toner fuses with the synthetic paper to make the finished product resistant liquids, grease and other forms of grime. Never again will your menus be ruined by stains, spills or a rainy day on the patio. Synthetic papers can easily be cleaned and sterilized to help curb the spread of bacteria making them the perfect solution for restaurant environments.

Why specify a synthetic?


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, toner fuses with the synthetic paper to make the finished product both durable and moisture resistant.


Synthetics don’t curl or warp from moisture or humidity. They are engineered for high performance on digital presses and can be cut, perforated, folded or scored just like paper.


Synthetics can be cut, perforated, folded or scored just like paper. Create multiple applications with the same product. The possibilities are endless.


No matter what type of printing you do, we have a synthetic solution for you. Printable synthetics are available in all the popular sheet sizes and weights for digital, offset or ink jet.


Synthetic substrates are extremely tough and light-weight. Their durability increases shelf life while reducing the costs for reprints or lamination.


Printable synthetics natural resistance to water, chemicals and grease allow you to easily clean and sterilize them to help curb the spread of bacteria. Perfect for restaurant environments.


Unlike traditional papers, Synthetic Papers are manufactured without the use of trees, water or toxic agents such as bleaching chemicals. They are 100% tree free, tear-resistant and recyclable.


Enhance the look and feel of your food and beverages with bold, sharp, long-lasting colour for projects printed on synthetic papers. Synthetic papers offer superior clarity of images compared to paper and laminated paper stocks.


Say goodbye to dirty, bulky menus. Synthetic papers are lightweight, incredibly durable and easy to keep clean.

The #1 choice for foodservice print materials

GPA Ultra Green Film - Flawless Folding Menus


flawless folding menus

Manufactured without the use of trees, water or toxic agents such as bleaching chemicals. GPA Ultra Green’s folding qualities are second-to-none in the synthetic industry. Ultra Green Film® is ideal for super-sized menus that require multiple folding.

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GPA Ultra Print Polyester - Robust and Rigid menus and Tent Cards


robust & rigid menus and tent cards

This durable synthetic offers an extremely tough, bright white surface for unparalleled image vibrancy. Ideal for single page menus, Ultra Print Polyester offers a blue-white shade with superior stiffness and thickness. Your most durable option for menus, inserts and tent cards.

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GPA Paper Tyger - Cost-Effective Seasonal Menus


cost-effective seasonal menus

Paper Tyger prints and converts like traditional papers while offering comparable durability to synthetic papers. It’s water- and tear-resistance make it the perfect choice for menus that require durability at a cost-effective price point. Available in digital and offset sizes.

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yupo synthetics indestructible menus


indestructible menus

YUPO premium synthetic papers (digital/litho) are perfect for menus and other frequently handled print pieces. They’re stain-and tear-resistant, lightweight and hold colour beautifully.

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General Formulations ChalkMark - Keep your message fresh


keep your message fresh

Transform any smooth surface into a removable chalkboard with ChalkMark. Perfect for menu boards, ChalkMark communicates a natural, personal touch. CM is compatible with standard, soft & liquid chalk. The removable adhesive removes cleanly from smooth surfaces for up to 1 year.

GPA 34pt Cohesive Covers


custom coasters

Rejuvenate your brand with GPA’s 34pt cohesive cover papers. It’s easier than ever to create the durable, double-thick applications without specialized equipment. Just print, apply pressure and finish.

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GPA Touch Class Covers - Tintoretto & Nature


add a touch of class

With a rich tactile feel and a special surface treatment, Touch Papers offer added resistance to fingerprints, water, and even oils. Originally introduced to the European market by Fedrigoni; Touch Class is now exclusively available in the Canadian market through Huge.

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