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Ontario’s best selection of fine papers for digital and litho presses

Choosing the perfect surface to communicate your message effectively can be a tough choice. Do you go with a premium paper that feels great and performs on the presses but strains your printing budget? Or do you sacrifice the quality of your message and go for a house sheet that doesn’t perform quite as well, but is easier on the purse strings?

Now there’s no need to choose between price or performance. Huge understands that the market is demanding a nice paper at a nice price. Let us demonstrate how our nice papers stack up against the competition. We’ll come right to your doorstep to prove that our papers compete in all good, better, best categories while leaving the competition in the dust.

nice art silk

Nice art silk’s superb finish reproduces images with razor-sharp accuracy and brilliant colours. Its velvety silken texture lends a luxurious feel to every printed piece.

  • 98 brightness

  • FSC certified

nice art gloss

Nice art gloss is a high performance 98 bright paper that’s versatile, affordable and ideal for high profile pieces that seek a powerful impact.

  • 98 brightness

  • FSC certified

nice gloss c2s

Brilliant #2 gloss with an ultra smooth surface. A performance paper with an ultra-smooth surface that’s versatile and affordable.

  • 94 brightness

nice gloss c1s

Nice gloss c1s’s unique multi-layer construction of high-tech pulp and coatings creates a higher caliper at a lower weight, allowing your digital copiers and presses to run thicker covers faster.

  • 92 brightness

  • FSC certified

  • resists cracking

nice brite pro

#1 Uncoated with a refined, smooth and engaging surface. Essential, natural, high touch and feel nice brite communicates attitude. It is today’s trend-setting natural uncoated sheet.

  • 96 brightness

  • FSC certified

nice brite

Nice brite is the choice of designers and printers who want to deliver a truly unique sensory experience.

  • 94 brightness

Size Wise Custom Paper Sizes for Commercial Printing

digital / litho

Maximize the performance of your digital and litho press with custom sheet sizes. Our precision-cut sheets minimize the risk of paper dust, mis-cut edges, and reduce waste. Experience less feeding and printing issues and operate more efficiently.


nice art silk paper digital sizes


nice art silk litho paper sizes


nice art gloss paper digital sizes


nice art gloss litho paper sizes


nice gloss paper digital sizes


nice gloss litho paper sizes


carta integra c1s paper digital sizes


carta integra c1s litho paper sizes


nice brite pro paper digital sizes


nice brite paper digital sizes

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