lightweight synthetics

The #1 choice for lightweight durable papers

Did you know you can create waterproof, tear-resistant applications that fold and print beautifully in weights as light as 3.8mil? Huge has the best selection of cost-effective lightweight, durable synthetics for digital and offset. No matter what application you’re printing, we can find a solution that performs beautifully at the right price-point. Let us help you grow your business.

Why specify a lightweight synthetic?

Prints Brilliantly

Bold, sharp, long-lasting colour always stands out with projects printed on synthetics. With their ultra-smooth, bright white surface, you can stands out from the competition.

Folds Beautifully

Synthetics can be cut, perforated, folded or scored just like paper. Create multiple applications with the same product. The possibilities are endless.


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, toner fuses with the synthetic paper to make the finished product both durable and moisture resistant.


Synthetic papers provide an extremely tough, tear-resistant printable surface that holds up to the toughest customers.


Synthetics have the added advantage of being chemical and stain-resistant. They can easily be cleaned and sterilized to help curb the spread of bacteria making them the perfect solution for restaurant or health-related applications.


Specifying a lighter weight in synthetics can add up to major savings in printing, postage, and transportation costs. The added durability of a synthetic also increases shelf life while reducing the costs for reprints or lamination.

The #1 choice for lightweight durable papers

4.5mil GPA PaperTyger

Durable, Dependable, Enduring Maps

PaperTyger is designed for applications that call for durability at a cost-effective price point. Starting at a lightweight 4.5mil, these waterproof papers are suited for rugged maps, menus, other durable pieces that need to fold sharp while packing light.

Digital Sizes

GPA PaperTyger Non-Adhesive Plastics - Digital Sizes

Litho Sizes

GPA PaperTyger Non-Adhesive Plastics - Litho Sizes


Go the Distance

Tyvek’s lightweight material is known for its incredible durability, strength, tear- and water-resistance. It’s stronger than paper and more versatile than cloth. Your racing numbers will stay the course, even after running a marathon. Available for indigo and toner presses.


Longer Life = Fewer Reprints = Higher Profits

GPA Ultra Green Film is the delectable choice for durable menus. It looks great, prints great and folds great. Available in indigo and offset sizes, this lightweight synthetic is waterproof, tear-resistant and easily wiped clean.

Digital Sizes

GPA Ultra Green Film Non-Adhesive Plastics - Digital Sizes

Litho Sizes

GPA Ultra Green Film Non-Adhesive Plastics - Litho Sizes

3.8mil YUPO Synthetic

Packs Light for Rugged Adventures

YUPO synthetics are perfect for maps. Not only do they withstand water, but they are tear- and chemical-resistant, and easily wiped clean. Available in a 3.8mil lightweight size, YUPO folds beautifully and packs light for the toughest outdoor adventures.


sample orders

Huge has the most extensive sample program in the industry. We offer samples of nearly every product that we offer. If you are interested in a particular product and need a sample, ask for Panicos in the sample studio at 1.888.428.4218. Say yes to legendary customer service.

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